Say goodbye to traditional methods and embrace the future of certified message and attachment delivery.

Welcome to the world of secure, digital proof of delivery with TrustInTransit! Our platform provides legally certifiable and indisputable evidence of message and attachment delivery, ensuring that your important communications are safely and effectively received. With our advanced technology, you can track the receipt status of your messages and attachments while eliminating the need for postal services or fax machines.

Key Features
Digital Certificate of Delivery

With TrustInTransit, obtain a legally certifiable digital certificate, confirming the successful delivery of your messages and attachments. This certificate serves as irrefutable proof in case of disputes or legal matters.

Example : When sending a crucial business contract, TrustInTransit's platform generates a digital certificate confirming the document has been successfully delivered to the recipient.

Comprehensive Delivery Information

TrustInTransit allows you to gain detailed insights into the delivery process, including the recipient's browser, IP address, and other relevant information, ensuring full transparency and accountability.

Example : In addition to the delivery status, TrustInTransit logs the recipient's browser, IP address, and the exact time of receipt, providing a comprehensive overview of the delivery process.

Streamlined Communication

Simplify your communication process by eliminating the need for outdated postal services and faxes, and improve your workflow efficiency with TrustInTransit's easy-to-use platform.

Example : Instead of sending a physical copy of a legal document via postal mail and waiting for its arrival, you can send it digitally through TrustInTransit's platform, saving time and resources.


Embrace the future of communication with TrustInTransit's secure digital proof of delivery platform. Experience unparalleled efficiency and gain peace of mind knowing that your important messages and attachments are delivered safely and promptly. Say goodbye to traditional methods and join the revolution in certified communication today!